green pastures, greener energy

Earn more while maintaining productive agricultural land

Reduce operational impact

Increase financial earnings

Diversify land revenue

Preserve agricultural practice

Solartility develops, installs, and operates your agrivoltaics project for an easy, seamless experience.

Unlike out residential and commercial customers, the energy captured by agrivoltaics projects goes directly to the grid. Once we see revenue by selling your solar energy to the grid, we pass that revenue on to you.

Getting Started

Follow these simple steps to start your agrivoltaic journey

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Fill out our intake form and a Solartility project manager will reach out to you.


Solartility will develop your project and walk you through the required land lease agreement.


Solartility installs solar equipment on your land and connects it to the grid.


Solartility handles the operation and maintenance, while you receive a share of the profits.

Bifacial Solar Panels
Bifacial solar panels capture sunlight on both sides allowing them to be mounted vertically instead of at the traditional ~45 degrees. They are aligned to face east-west which generates power in the mornings and evenings.

Bifacial solar panels require significantly less space, allowing solar infrastructure and agricultural activities to share the same land.

Solar panels provide partial shade for crops and livestock which enhances soil moisture retention and improves quality of life.

Bifacial solar panels generate energy peaks twice a day, aligning with high-demand periods for the grid and optimizing their financial return.

Vertically mounted solar panels resist snow buildup in winter and dust accumulation in summer, requiring less manual cleaning.

Top: Solartility agrivoltaics farm. Bottom: Tradition solar farm.
Graph showing solar capture on a traditional farm vs. a farm with bifacial solar panels