about us

Solartility proudly leads Canada's green energy efforts as one of the first 100% renewable energy utility providers

Solartility has been working hard with a number of companies to get its technology off the ground and into Canadians’ hands so that they can start saving money and contributing to a greener future.

Solartility is committed to a green future not just for Canada, but for the world.


Offer Canadian consumers access to the wholesale energy market while providing clean energy at an affordable rate.


Expanded solar capacity in Canada that results in a greener, more robust energy grid for everyone.


Green technology initiatives, affordable and reliable electricity, and energy market access for Canadians.


Kelly Tallas

Founder and CEO

Kelly is an IT/software developer with over 20 years in the trade. He founded Solartility Canada in 2020 to transform traditional electricity services and combat greenhouse gasses. His passions are helping the environment and providing Canadians with green energy that makes sense for them.

Shayne Butcher

Co-Founder and Managing Director

Having lived his whole life in Alberta, Shayne provides a background in construction and recycling, with extensive experience in business development and economics. He is a hands-on entrepreneur with a passion for people and relationships.

Jon Bichel

Chief Operating Officer

As a professional engineer with a master’s degree in engineering, Jon has over 20 years of experience in engineering management and technical leadership. He has a passion for technology and renewable energy solutions.


Are you looking to invest in a company that is driving change in Canada’s energy market?

Solartility is actively looking for investors to help in revolutionizing energy consumption in Alberta, Canada, and beyond. Send us an email if you are interested in being part of this exciting mission. We look forward from hearing from you.